Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

F.S.T.L Team killing it at the Prime Skatepark opening.

The Freestyle team seem to be the go to dudes for demo's at the moment, here is a little edit from the Prime Skatepark opening to show you why, featuring F.S,T.L riders Tom Steele, Jake Collins and Sam Pulley.

Backyard sessions are back.

I am so stoked that Dainton used to be a carpenter, he managed to resurrect the rotting corpse that was my backyard ramp. I was trying to botch it back together but Daint was having none of it, man he was so on it.
We then sesioned it with the tightest of crews, Daint, the Waltons, SJ, and myself. I have to keep the neighbors sweet so sorry no massive sessions. Me and Daint then hit up town solo, no one else was feeling it, passing my mate Tom's we noticed a massive glowing home made tent out back. So we crashed that and it was amazing, good band and a good crowd, we than made moves into town and had a surprisingly good time, we seemed to do loads in one day.

Stay posted for footage of my ramp featuring the good & evil skills from the Lovenskate & Witchcraft tour coming soon.


The Park lights are fixed.

Thanks to whoever for fixing the "Newport" park lights. Good work.

New in today, Creme Skateboards.

We have the Creme Skateboards Drink Series (£45), pictured below and we have the cheaper priced logo bards (£35), can't go wrong.

creme drinks

This weeks Slendertone Watch.

Had a few blips on the diet this week but I have been persevering with the ST in the shop, feeling the burn ha ha ha! Back to swimming this morning which I enjoyed although getting up at 5.50am sucked ass. The Mike bought a bike last week so having someone to ride with helps, plus Ajay has his bike back on the road, we have been working on the back garden ramp this week so not much on the exercise front. But it will be worth it in the end, anyway, here is this weeks meat wok reduction results.

Pre zap
Photo 75

Post zap
Photo 76

Stay tuned.

I love my F.S.T.L locals & team riders, there I said it.

Honestly, I just about found this with no idea who made it and no idea why I haven't been told about it. I started watching it and thought, "Hang on thats Pully's car." I watched on and loved it, Joy Devision soundtrack as well, which makes me think Bailey did it. Anyway you should give this a watch because I realy enjoyed it, oh and fess up whoever made this, the unny thing is I always moan that they don't do enough. It's only 11.20 and I have discovered two edits that made me smile.

New Edit by F.S.T.L Lifer Lt Meat!

The best thing about this is Lt Meat's return to lyrical genius. Honestly I can't stress enough how much you need to check out more of Lt Meat's stuff on STEAKRECORDS.COM And fingers crossed if Lt Meat ever plays in your area don't even think I might go, just go and then send me a nice gift to say thank you, because you will feel obliged to.

Check it out, this was our first trip to Taughnton & Cheddar

Update on fixing the park lights.

I have recently received this hopeful email regarding the park lights
Hi Again
As an update the electrical contractor should be coming out to have
another look today. Works to repair lights and installl new timeclock
had been done. Their appears to be a problem with one of the trips.
Unfortunately the trip controls 2 columns, hence only one column on. "

So hopefully there will be some later sessions going down soon, also fingers crossed that there will be a look into redoing the crappy ruff flat bottom.

In a bit!

I think that I could model for Dickies, oh yeah I am getting Dickies in.

Photo 69

Photo 68

Photo 68

Photo 66

Photo 65

Photo 64

So where do I send my test shots to?

Can't wait to get Dickies in again, Thanks to Robin for popping in, look out for the collaborations with Spitfire, Rebel 8 and Anti Hero in store soon.

New Sunday Stooges Micro Edit, I wasn't there, boooooh!


Recharge your love of Skateboarding with Tim & Eric & Roger Skateboards xxx


Tim and Eric - Roger of the Month Mar 2010 - Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Midlife crisis is hitting hard!!!!!!!!

So this is week one of using my slender tone, I am going to put weekly pics up and see if it makes any difference at all. Plus riding my bike, swimming, dieting and skating.

This has all stemmed from an increse in people asking me why I am fat, what a fucking stupid question, A:- mind your business, B:- It is because I consume more calories than I expell, c:- I am 34 and my matabolism is shit, D:- I have a job that means I stand still alot. I don't want to be fat like I don't want to be balled. Form an orderly cue ladies haha!

My dailey work out!

Photo 55

And when it shocks your muscles!

Photo 56

Ludlow home of a rad skate park and the worlds sketchyest play park.


Hereford bowl takes a poundin'

Went up to Hereford for a nice quiet session on Thursday night, it's a long way from Swansea but worth it everytime...i got time to film a bit of Ally blazing round the pool as the sun set.....

Ally from Jono on Vimeo.

Make Friends With The Colour Blue, in Freestyle Tomora.


MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE COLOUR BLUE trailer. from Blueprint Skateboards on Vimeo.

Sunday Stooges Taunton Micro Edit.

This is a small edit that our very own Sunday Stooge Lee Dainton did. Taunton seems to be a rad park but when we turned up it was mayhem so I decided to leave it. The anoying thing was that the BMXers had a jam on the same day, tempers frayed and I honestly thought it was going to kick off. So we went to Cheddar, which was rad. But anyways here is a short edit Daint did.

F.S.T.L Scum in the sun Bilbao tour.


So my boys went on tour to Bilbao, the team was Beefy, Stempy,Bailey, Big & Little Walt(ey) and Bean Head(ey).


They visited 8 parks all within a 20 min hot!




Stemp one the gnarliest drop in comp!


At the end times were hard and the boys had to eat from bins.


You should see the size of the spiders in Bilbao.


For more pics check Beefys facebook.

And here is another one, nice music choice ha ha!


Offical Hereford Edit!

Dave says I sound like a Pentane advert. I think I just sound like a clueless twat haha! Thanks again to all.

An exciting opportunity for young skater 16-18.

Do you consider yourself to be a Skater or a biker?

Fancy representing your teen lifestyle in your own BBC2 TV show?

Are you up for swapping your life for someone else’s for a weekend in a life changing challenge?

Then you need to contact us…

NBC Universal are casting 16 to 18 year olds for a BBC 2 show about teenage ‘scenes’, and we want to hear from you.

If you would like to apply for the show please visit HYPERLINK ""
or call 0207 307 6680

Remember to include your name, contact details, a picture and what scene you are in. If you are under 18 please advise your parent or guardian before applying for the show.


Get on it kids!

So the truth about Skate Ex is out! Bean Head confesses all in this months Sidewalk.

been face

I can't believe he had front cover, we all thought he was an underground existentialist but he is a media whore arsonist.

But seriously dose anyone actually know what is happening, is there going to be a new park?

Props to Nervouse Al for some seriously rad photo shopping skills.

Photo 46

You know this shits Newport.

Hell yeah! Witchcraft is the new wood company from the crazy deathmetal minds of Richerd "French" Sayer and Alan Glass. This has been a long time coming, I remember French saying he was going to do a company called Witchcraft that only does bolts, luckily he has gone a step further and low and behold a new board company is born, we all know Newport is a big board town, and has been a lot longer than the current trend, thank you for supplying us with a great company, can't wait to get them in. May Dog have mercy on our souls.


Back in, F.S.T.L Lady In The Woods Shop Tee!

In this day and age there is no reason for having a shop Tee in a terrible shape, which is why I have gone the extra mile getting these printed on Earth Positive fitted ethical Tee, HOT!

Photo 40

Hereford Spring Jam Edit by Lt Meat!!!

Lt Meat managed to bang out this short edit as he had to leave early to watch El Mariachi Bronks. I think he did fucking well!

Hereford Skate Jam Pictures.

The jam went ahead after an unsure wet morning, the park dried and it was on, if a little late. By the time I turned up the park was already buzzing, the Wheelscape boys were setting up and the standard of skating was already high, both street and transition.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and Wheelscape, Bones wheels, Real skateboards, Independent trucks/Clothing, Ric @ Exist Clothing/Shop & Anna Toon. Thanks To Student James now known as SJ (James Head) for all the pics, here are a few.

We did an comp and some people won, some people didn't. We were all winners at life that day.











Blueprint video update.

Due to the volcanic dust cloud, Coakley, Marty, Brady and Shier plus the MFWTCB Master DVD were held up in the UK until the Saturday . This has delayed the US Premiere which intern delays the DVD launch here in the UK.

So it looks like we will receiving our copies on the 11th May, I am told that the rest of the world will go on sales 31st May.

If things change you will be the first to know

Hereford skate jam is a GO!!!!!

Ok! It is on, bring a mop if you can but it is on.

Hereford Print Ref 2

Get there early to get one of these T shirts, then use it to mop up the bowl.

Uh oh! My site isn't working.

fingers crossed it will be up and running again on Monday. SSSSSSSSSSTTRESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Lovenskate Kerb Prepared Pocket Tees, Exclusive To Freestyle.

If you don't know who Lovenskate are, you are a dumb ass! They really go the extra mile in everything they do, I always get Lovenskate to print my F.S.T.L, tee Shirts because not only do they turn out amazing but Stu the owner is RAD!!!! And it's all about keeping money in skateboarding.

So with this in mind as soon as I saw the "LOVENSKATE KERB PREPARED POCKET T'S" I wanted them in, I mean, check the detail in these bad boys, they had to use actual magic to print the amazingly clever Kerb Candle graphic all the way into the pocket, when was the last time you saw that much effort in a piece of independent clothing. This is clever clothing for clever skateboarders.

Scroll down to check out the amazing detail I am chatting about. In one word, "RAD!" Not only are the T shirts sick, but the packaging, free stickers and free print are also "on!" This T shirt is clothing to feel good about yourself in.

Pizza Box Packaging, Stickers & Print!

Internal Pocket Graphic, Two Toned Pocket, Inside Label.

Oh! Yeah! Graphic All The Way Down! Fat Bastard Not Included!!!

Now stop oggling my picture and buy one!!! On line or preferably in store. Lovenskate/F.S.T.L for life.

All Photo's by The Mike, welcome home big dog, we missed you.