Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

Boo! Yeah! I new grunge wasn't dead!

This VBS link followed on nicely from my "How to grunge up your jeans link." Oh! Yeah, plus she's hot!

Meet Alice Dellal, Her grunge-punk style has made her something of a poster girl for the counter-culture side of fashion. During the video we discover Alice's tastes in fashion, who her idols are, her favourite music, and that she likes hanging out in squats and showing us her bra! Take a look.

Palladium Authenticity - Alice Dellal from Palladium on Vimeo.

Two Cardiff must do's and one Bristol must do, this Weekend!

Firstly Pirate Man aka Chris Heart's CSC film, this showcases how much fun skateboarding can be. It's in Dempsy's, now Cardiff can get a little pricy when you are used to Newport prices, so lets get hammered early in our own town.


secondly the "official" opening of the Cardiff plaza, this place is fun so it would be nice to show our capital the support it deserves, a bloody good job on this, also it has already dragged a few stars of the past out of the woodwork, see who might turn up.


Actually I don't have a poster for this but the Dean Lane Hardcore ummm! Skate Festival shall we call it, or better still underground smelting pot will be happening at the Dean Lane Skate Park, this is always a fun day for all the family, leave normality at home for this day. Bands, Booze, skateboarding and the ever present threat of being shut down by the Po Po!!

Now as long as the sun keeps his hat on everything should be just fine.

Lt Meat's Rainbow Rail Edit.

More genius from the man myth that is Lt Meat, Featuring some class skating from FSTL rider Kev and some not so class skating from FSTL owner Me (Grim), like Beez if it was shit.

The session was funny but not as funny as Lt Meat's and My tan lines.

lt burn

Photo 15

Two solid dudes I am so stoked on getting on the F.S.T.L roster.

Marc Churchill, I love Mark, I think I bullied him onto my team, which is hilarious because he is nails, I am sure if he didn't want on he would have said, good dude.

fstl mark

Mark rocking the F.S.T.L T-shirt hard!

Matt Davies, solid dude number 2, Matt D is a full ambassador for Freestyle, Welsh skateboarding and the EJ Riders. Proud to be his friend and sponsor.

Photo 16

Matt D rocking the EJ Riders sticker on his truck, you don't know what this is ask the next person you see with one.

Important news!

As all the users of Newport Skate Park or the Edge as it has been named know the flat bottom and the platforms are like bloody cheese graters, I think we may have all lost a bit of skin to the beast. Well I have been informed by the powers at be that it is being looked into as to
a) Why this has happened?
b) If it needs to be remedied?
c) How it can be remedied?
d) Who is liable for the remedy?

So could I ask everybody to not paint any more at the minute as it needs to be seen how bad the park looks. So no more making it pretty.

Lets see if they can get it right second attempt, I know this has worked for Aberdare. I will keep you informed.


This definitely wasn't filmed before the opening day.

I don't think I am going to be able to do anything in this park.

Absolute class from some people I wish I knew.


On route to the Vans Skate Shop Riot We went to Wakefield.

Lt Meat did this little edit, as soon as we got there we had to teach some kids a lesson as they were throwing mud balls at us. And you just have to learn, don't fuck with hte Welsh because we don't give a fuck haha!

Anyway check this out!

Featuring my shop team.

fstl dudes

Photo by Jerome Loughran, thanks dude.

Wakefield Danger Zone from Lt Meat on Vimeo.

By the way here are the full results from the Vans shop riots.
1: 50/50
2: Exist
3: Switch
4: Prime
5: Freestyle
6: Non Stop
7: Note
8: Lost Art
9: Ideal
10: Empire
11= Rollersnakes / Route 1
13: Projekts
14: Division 24
15: Popcorn
16: Decimal
17: Ride
18: Subvert
19: Dissent
20: Endemic
21: The Park

The boy's smashed it at the Vans Shop Riot.

This weekend me and a few players from the Freestyle team went up to the Vans shop team riot, it was so much fun and the boys represented hard. If the comp had been in the bowl section we would have won hands down, but in fairness, we would never have beaten 50/50 or Exist, they were amazing, I am proud to be good friends with them.

Gutted about Felix and Ben's legs, but you are always going to have fallen soldiers, at least it proves that they are still ripping hard, heal well my brothers.

The Team was Dan Hill, Jake Collins, Sam Pulley and Tom Bailey You couldn't have made me prouder.

MPORA Action Sports >>

F**ked up played Cardiff last night....awesome gig!!


How and why to rip your jeans.

If like me you hate looking smart a new pair of jeans can really make you self conciouse. So I bought these LRG Jeans from my shop and they are almost perfect, nice and slim, fit my dumb short legs with only 2 or 3 turnups, and the bottoms are a rad width so you don't puddle soak. But unfortunately due to having massive legs the jeans are quite hard to bend my legs or even sit in and so I thought to give a bit of stretch to them some snazzy grunge rips would look nice.

Photo 11

So you don't want obvious scissor cuts because that looks wack, so for this job you will need a piece of sandpaper or in this case grip tape.

Photo 12

Now kneel down if you have to so you can see where the natural wear points on a pair of jeans would be, then fast forward time by abraising the area with the grip tape.

Photo 13

You will notice a thining of the fabric.

Photo 14

And then the grunge magic will happen.

Photo 15

Repeat on the other side as obviousely nature would wear both knees and go home and listen to Nirvana.

Photo 17

New Sunday Stooges, More Welsh madness from deep in the valleys.

This week some retro footage from Hirwaen or however the fuck you spell it haha! It was nice we got called WANKA!

My day to day life never stops amazing me.

One day Dave Duncan pops in the shop , the next an awe inspiring MC Robot from the future, he brought in a Dub Step CD featuring some of the top Dub Step artists from the local areas (Newport, Cardiff and Bristol). Traxx as he is known from the planet Astroid Boys did a bit of MCing over it all. Available in store.





Support local music, I wonder what they are doing in Slam or Route One today, bet they aren't making sweet robot's. Probably making money haha! Please come and stop my productivity.

Short Sharp Shock Shred Sleds available in Freestyle &

Good Wood, available in 8 and 8.5

Photo 9

New Wood News from Skate Thrash band Short Sharp Shock.

Foxy hates anyone other than Americans using Americanisms, so he skillfully edited this pic from where we skated this weekend.

Freestyle Skate Store or SHOP! As Lead singer of Short Sharp Shock, Foxy insists I refer to it as; have been long time friends for many years now, they have stayed on my floor so many times, they even travelled all the way from up North once just because they didn't have anywhere to stay up there.

Anyway SSS are getting boards done to take on tour but Freestyle are lucky enough to be able to get some in store, 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple, if any band deserve to have a board it's Short Sharp Shock, they are 100% Thrasher, look at how connected they are in the video below.

There aren't many people who can get away with taking the piss out of Geoff Rowley, These boards are going to be rad!


NASS! I didn't go but I know some kids who did.

I have had a very lonely weekend, due to a very strong FREESTYLE SKATE SQUAD presence at NASS, I would have loved to have gone but fuck it. Here is the first footage I have seen from Nass, Jake managed to represent. Good dog.

Romford Skateboard Jam


Featuring local Heroes Ally Barr, Jake Collins, I was lucky enough to go to Bilbao with the Rom lot, they took the piss out of me solidly, it sucked haha!

I saw the Star Wars episode of Family Guy This Weekend.

I laughed so hard at this bit.

Independent Skate Team.

Did you know that most of Newport ride Independent Skate Trucks, did you know most of my shop team ride Independent Trucks, did you know I now ride Independent Trucks, did you know that Wales hosts the UK Independent Trucks Distribution, did you know that Ray the old shop owner has the Independent Trucks Logo tattooed on his calf, did you know that Lt Meat Freestyle Team Rider recently went to the Independent Trucks Clothing outlet to film this collection of Independent Trucks Team members, featuring FSTL/Independent Trucks Team Riders Jake Collins, Sam Pulley, Mark Churchill and Ben Devine. Enjoy.

FSTL Team rider Kev edit, I am Weasel.