I have sent this email including picture to Steve Bickerton and Neil Seargant from the Newport Leisure, this is about the 5th email so far, we have already had some shall we say heated conversations with Maveric and they insist that the fault does not lie with them but with the council, so lets see what they can do, sod all I expect.

We all know that the problem with the surface hasn't been addressed, we need this to happen but if it is not, please tell us. Enough fobbing off now, it is time to put the cards on the table. We are the users and many of us are tax payers.

Lately not only has the parks substandard surface been an issue but also it's lighting, it has not been coming on and we have had to make do with the astroturf lighting, which casts shadows which a health and safety issue.

Kindly let me know, these are problems that need addressing, they are not going to just go away, the park is well used and we deserve to be looked after like any other leisure provision.

Yours sincerely Darran Ward Owner of Freestyle Skatestore.