Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

FSTL/FREESTYLE being repped hard, RICO SUAVE style.

I have always liked hip hop/rap as much as I have liked punk rock, I think thats what gives the FSTL brand it's popularity across the board, now I am so syked on seeing it creep into online cool shit, starting with BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL all the way to ASTROID BOYS.

And now with my man RICO SUAVE, this kid supports the shop fully and he is not ashamed to say where he is from, this is his sick new tune and I am proud to say he is rocking the FSTL BUSTER TEE.

Also worth a mention is the new video from artist KC aka KITTY COWELL, aka, LAURA, aka MY GOOD FRIEND. I have seen KC a bunch of times and she is fucking entertaining on stage, I always bail on being in her video's because her youthfull self promotion and outlook on life always make me look like an old dude (which I guess I am, but I don't like to admit it haha!) anyway please check out this video by Tim Fok and featuring MK from FLOWDEM, man these guys would zip through a signing, 2 letters NEXT 2 letters NEXT haha!



If you like skateboarding, hanging out, drinking and supporting all things RAD! You should come to Le Pub on the Wed 9th Feb and enjoy the Bones Prem

This weekend got messy!

It was alot of the boys birthdays, Beanhead, Lt Meat and Beefy. This got heavily celebrated for two days. Nicky Howells, Caradog, Claire and Rhys came down to stay and ended up staying an extra day because we werent willing to stop partying, we were drinking Trevor Nelson from my fave haunt Le Pub cocktails all weekend, that drink is so green my crap has actually turned green today haha!

This is Nicky enjoying a Trev.

Also a highlight was forcing Beanhead to drink 15 apple sours and finding the worst Banksy copy ever.

In star bucks warming up Nicky tells us all about how some guys were calling his drink girly and he was drinking it through a straw, Caradog with no irony just states'"Bit Gay" then supped his ice coffee through a straw, PISS FUNNY! Photo's coming soon.

In Shed We Pledge 2!

Alan and Sox have been working fucking hard of late. Check out THE SHED. Can't be long now, CRACK THAT WHIP!

In Shed We Pledge 2!

Alan and Sox have been working fucking hard of late. Check out THE SHED. Can't be long now, CRACK THAT WHIP!


Did I mention FREESTYLE SKATESTORE is having a SALE, worth checking, in store at the moment so come in and show me your lovely faces.

Photo 5

Shauny from Landscapes reps for FREESTYLE/FSTL

If you don't know Shauny Milton, he is a good friend of mine and his band are redic, make sure you check em out, and if they are supporting, don't be the cool guy who turns up to late to see them.
Photo by Adam Adzy Stephenson he is pretty big in the game, proud to say I am the first person to publish one of his pics.
I was looking for live footage because they are entertaining bastards but this song is rad, check it out.

Boom! Just found this actually.

Supreme Clothing in Freestyle.

Well 2 Supreme items I am selling for a friend, brand new, tags never worn.
A Supreme T Shirt
And A Supreme Bobble Hat.

Available on here

Or come and have a better look in store.

I Hope Elro Is The Next Hot Property Out Of Wales.

Top class.

BMXing for her pleasure.

I was just looking for images for FREESTYLESKATESTORE.COM and I came across this, ha ha! Nice one BMXers.


Just had a nice Power Dist drop!

KillCity Skateboards, Death Skateboards, Heroine Skateboards and Consolidated Skateboard Wax, facebook is shagged so they might actually all be up on line today.

Why not buy all of these for the wall, I want to.


T shirt shapes are getting better.

Jerome at Shiner and my housemate hooked me up with what might be my new fave t shirt, this Krooked T Shirt couldn't be a better shape, long as fook and not too wide, it has been suggested this is because of the cotton crisis, and now T Shirts are scrimping on the width making them nicer shapes.  I would like to thank Jerome and all the Shiner Team for there on going support in keeping Freestyle (FSTL) Rad.

Photo 13

I used to be in a band with Scott Gregory.

I had no idea that being in a band based solely on Mexican Wrestling (Pintogram) would breed the might Scott Gregory.
How amazing is this Risca footage, the kids, the scenery, the wrestling the hilarious comments you can just hear in the background. Check it out, it's fucking genius.

Hi Shredability!


Hi Shredability’s Jake Burghart gets in the van with Mikey Detemple and Hi Shred veterans Scotty Stopnik, and Kassia Meador to travel up the coast to Southern Maine, as Mikey shoots his second film, Sight/Sound.
The dudes at Grain Surfboards invited Mikey to bring some people up and handcraft some wooden surfboards. It was supposed to be a tidy little scene in Mikey’s new movie, but no one realized just how hard and time-consuming building a wooden surfboard would be, especially when the distractions of fresh lobster, curious farm animals and perfect waves were added to the mix.
Thats what  VBS said, I say, oh my Dog that girl is fucking awesome, I can't believe how rad she is. I also cant believe how much goes into an OG surfboard, so sick. Enjoy these vids anyway and if it doesn't work out with my girlfriend (which I know it will) I am going to get my stalk on haha!

Sin-eater is rad!

Sin-eater is a rad artist out of Hereford (nearly close enough to be Welsh haha!) He has done artwork for bands like Brutality Will Prevail, More Than Life etc and is a regular contributor to Witchcraft Skateboards which I know he stoked on, his artwork has really sped forward in ability and notoriety over the last year. More importantly he sent me and FSTL newby James a rad T Shirt each, they are super sick, I am hoping this means he is going to start Sin-eater as a legit clothing company as I know I will deffinately be getting it in and repping it hard if he doese.

Photo 9

For now you can pick one up from his blog which is worth checking out even if aren't in the moey at the moment.

Thanks again Matt

Look what I found under my bed!

I was looking for my Lakai under my bed and low and behold I rediscovered my Dear Man Of Dark Wood (Heroin Team Rider), Emerica Shoes, I hated these shoes when I bought them, I don't know why, maybe it was the already added fucked look, now they actually are fucked thy look pretty tight, so an already good start to the day.

Photo 7

I am so into the BAKU thing.

I love people repping my shit!

Just saw this picture of Dainton repping an FSTL T shirt. I can only assume this is the sole reason that those girls won't leave him alone because they know that shit is tight.

daint wag

I am always amazed at how many random people I know!

Just looking through the Dickies Workwear catalogue and I see Ben and Tony from 33 modeling, hahaha! Looking good kids.

Photo 126