Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."


Filmed and edited by Tim Fok, skater FSTL Team rider Nick Chappel and Music by Team Sposors Brutality Will Prevail. HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS, don't egg me.

Halloween | 2010 from Tim on Vimeo.


Beanhead out of action for a month!

Poor old Beanhead is out of action due to a fractured ancle, looks pretty goood huh! Mend well son, you will be seeing The Bean in our new Zombie movie being released this week.

FSTL boys did good at the UKSA

Especially as two of them set off the fire alarms smoking in their rooms and had the whole hotel evacuated ha ha!
Anyway not sure out of how many but Jake Collins came 15th


And Sam Pulley came 13th

Nice one bummers.

Thanks to Salmon James Head for the pics.

Why is this pic of me on the Berrics? Top right!


Freestyle Zombie movie well in production stay posted.

Thanks to everybody who turned up to help us film a zombie edit last night, stay posted.

Zombie Mike Walt


Zombie Rich Walt

Every now and then you get a visit from someone really surprising.

Danny Wainwrite, full time ruler and joint owner of 50/50

Photo 31

Killcity Bowl Jam This Halloween.

The goat has spoken. Nice little Jake Collins edit to wet your appetite.

LT Meats Witchcraft and Lovenskate Edits.


Just when you are losing hope..................

BOOM! You meet a rad little kid and all is good again, thanks little buddy.

Photo 7

I don't know how to title this!

Kyle appreciating the DC Big Push edit, Pulley for the win.

pull me!

Grim on the new Sam Hitz Creature Skateboards advert.

I don't know why and I don't know how but I do know I am stoked. I sent this photo to French's Myspace years ago, some how it has now ended up on an advert and I am so stoked, thanks to whoever decided to do this.

Anyway Sam Hitz French graphic out soon. SSSSSIIICCKK!


Heres a photo of yesteryear.

Jerome just sent me this little gem. This is a ramp a bunch of us built in a quarry, some twat burnt it down but we had a great summer out of it, so many stories, we blew up a dead fox there once. I think that is on the Kill city touretts DVD and also there is some footage of Daint being interviewed next to it on early Dirty Sanchez.

Me thin skating and Lt Meat with hair haha!

quary ramp

This is FSTL local Jo Coot showing how to smash your balls.


10 fucking awesome tricks with Lt Meat!

Witness the geniouse of Lt Meat

The boxes of Rebel 8 Clothing are on their way!

Just spoke to Brewer at Rebel 8 Clothing and he has asssured me the boxes of Rebel 8 are on their way.
He has told me how much to charge for the Rebel 8 stuff and it's going to be berserk in here, like a TK Maxx but full of Rebel8, Mishka, Brixton, The Hundreds.

So anyway if you didn't know Freestyle Newport are holding a Rebel8 Discount day and it is going to be berserk.
Get your Rebel 8 for less, Friday, Sat and Sunday.


Nick Chappel and Tim Fok, one do the filming one do the skating.

Thats how to skate Mid Summer Norton, no wonder I didn't like it haha!

Nick Chappell Rendezvous from Tim on Vimeo.