Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

Lee Dainton is the raddest!

100% skateboarder, fuck you he has been doing it and doing it well for fucking ever. Check out this old footage of Daint, taken by ruler Denny, he has so much archive footage so stay posted.

The Witchcraft /Lovenskete team's got to skate my ramp.

So I got a bonus day to hang with the boys from Witchcraft and Lovenskate, it was dry this morning so we skated my ramp about 9am till 12.30 then they had to get to Ideal in Birmingham. So stoked and I look forward to seeing the footage and pictures.

Spoke more to Questions about doing me a T Shirt, checkout his blogg,

Many disturbing pics such as this haha!

cat 005

They left stuff at mine, why do people always leave shit at mine.

left stuff
Can't wait to see stuff, it was amazing to see Richard Gilligan (The Gill), he used to be the drummer in my band with Lt Meat "Punk Action Shotgun"

Witchcraft Hardware and Lovenskate in Freestyle Skatestore.

So stoked on meeting these guys, I new a few of them but they were all super rad, I especially liked Questions, he was one crazy fucking kid, I gave him a copy of Big Brother 2 because I new he would love it.

He drew this picture for me, I realy like it, I am going to buy a frame for it.
Photo 87

Shame it rained because I realy wanted to session the ramp with them.

Photo 86

Oh yeah and Stu smashed his teeth at Ferndale skatepark. Unlucky butt! xx

My band Pintogram Played.

The band are awesome, I wish I could say I sang well, I can't haha! We deffinately put on a show though, check it out.

New Nike SB in Freestyle Skatestore today.

New Nike SB Dunks, Nike SB Janoski and Nike SB P Rod 2.5.

Photo 76

So pleased to say that my ramp has a new lease of life.

So Freestyle skatestore is hosting a night of fun for the Witchcraft and Lovenskate Teams, I have literaly been flat out rebuilding my ramp so that the boys can give it it's final shred, that thing totaly needs to be knocked down and started again haha!

Like any true craftsman I thought it needed to be given a bloody good testing so me and a few of the boys gave it a dood slashing last night, here are some pics taken by Freestyle Skatestores very own Lt Meat, his twisty cam and unorthodox filming style is hilariouse!






Even Chris Pulman turned up, and then we went and got pissed AMEN!


New Kill City Skateboards in Freestyle as we speak

Dainton just dropped off Killcity boards himself, I wonder how many people think Dainton lives in a castle and gets his butler to do these mundane tasks for him haha!

Photo 62

It is Dainton's birthday this weekend and I have just made him this Kill City Tech Deck, it took ages but seeing Dainton's face was worth it, I like doing things for my mates.

Photo 7

Killcity Skateboards is so worth supporting, all the kids sponsored by them are so real, Dainton is rely trying to push it hard as well, wait until the Killcity video comes out, it's going to rely showcase how good this team is, plus I expect it to have a twinge of video's of yesteryear, injecting a bit of the riders personality and skill into the mix. Plus music that doesn't make you want to claw your face off.

Anyway I am down for life, check my toes.

This was the most painful joke I ever did do, support Killcity and support something real.

Photo 58

Witchcraft Hardware & Lovenskate Clothing/Printing, Good & Evil Skate Tour.

Freestyle friends Lovenskate & Witchcraft are swinging through, come and skate with them, meet the likes of Alan Glass, French, Stu Lovenskate and many more of the best dudes you will ever meet.

good and evil

good and evil 2

Lt Meat 's mind on video, someone give this guy a job doing something cool.


You want old school FSTL fo0tage, you got it!

Dainton with funny curtains, Sam skinny, Sam with hair, Ray with sideburns, lots of wifebeaters, Nolan before he lost it, Lordy with a full head of dreads, all captured by awesome dude, Denny.

Denny is the man behind legendary Welsh skate video, Thugs, sent me this little jem of an edit enjoy.

New Sunday Stooges!

Don't show this to Social Services.

Ha ha! I drewed a picture on Freestyle Team Rider Lee Daintons Ass!

daint ass

New Dickies Work Wear and Rebel 8 Collaboration.

When I looked on line, none of the sites seemed to show how rad and detailed the Rebel 8 & Dickies workwear collaboration was, and so I have broken down some of the finer detailing of this excellent Workwear Jacket.

Photo 48

My favorite detailing is the embroidered old school tattoo style panther on the under side of the collar.

Photo 44

And what about this sweet little Rebel 8 pin badge.

Photo 46

The black on black embroidered Rebel 8 logo on the arm pocket really adds a touch of class.

Photo 45

This fully quilted tough workwear jacket is a very nice jacket, it is a little bit of a treat at £80 but I am sure that as it is Dickies workwear it will last forever.

In store or on line now. FREESTYLESKATESTORE.COM

My old band Pintogram is playing tonight!

I am actually looking forward to it, it will be a right laugh if the practices are anything to go by, shambolic but a right laugh.

Why do my bands never practice enough haha!


Good FSTL friend Traxx/Astroid Boys new track and video.

This is so rad, good vibe and having fun with it to, he uses the word poo, I fucking love Phil.

FSTL Team Rider Lee Dainton, old footage that I forgot about....puke!


I forgot how funny this was.

More Skate Videos >>

Check out the Freestyle bumboarders doing some shredding in sunny Newquay. Jake Collins eventually took the first prize!!!! Fuck yeah Jake!!!! Hopefully the prize is an all expenses paid date with Lt Meat in Pizza Express down Cardiff Bay.............if not I'll just take Pulley again.

Dw'in hoffi Freestyle!

Lt Meat

New in Freestyle Skatestore today, Thtikerth!

Oh yeya! We all love stickers, so Freestyle have in, Hook Ups, Spitfire, Santa Cruz, Creature, Flip, Independent Trucks, Powel Skateboards and Flip.

We also have new in today for those on a skateboard budget, Powel Mini Logos, Bullet and Krux Trucks.

In a bit!

Photo 31

New in store the best Skate Flick known to man, "Come Join Us."

Come Join Us , is from the mind of Christian "Pirateman" Hart. It isn't strictly the norm, which is good, you can keep your A to B shit. Come Join Us is not only hilarious but showcases some of wales' Liverpool's and Leeds finest. Jake Collins, Tom Bailey, Caradog Emanuell, Dougey, Lee Dainton to name a tiny amount, shop sections from skater owned, Freestyle Skatestore, Bad Habits, Exist, City Surf and Lost.

The packaging is also rad, quirky vinyl with a golden ticket in each, you can win some odd prizes like a massage with FSTL team rider Kev Weasel, design me and Pirateman a tattoo plus many more.

Anyway, come buy Come Join Us from Freestyle now is what it is.

Photo 28

New in Today ECTA Skateboards.

Very strong graphics on good hard rock Canadian maple.


Proof that Jake Collins is a wanker.


Man Pulley has too much time on his hands.

I Bum Cardiff Skate Park.

I can't skate it but it's a nice place to walk Buster when everyone else is shredding.

Cardiff Skate Park Official Opening!

All though I wasn't there due to the worlds most savage hang over it looked like alot of fun. A good edit was made, not sure by whom.

The new vid "Join Us" by Chris "Pirateman" Hart will be in store Wednesday, this is a must own and is only £5, when you see how much work has gone into this you will realize it is more than worth this.

New Sunday Stooges for your Monday pleasure.

This weekend was epic, The Cardiff Skate Club Video was too good, and the Le Pub 18th birthday fed a very bad hang over this Sunday, I think I got out of bed once for 2hrs all day, enjoy.

Absolute gold!

Can't say enough about this, amazing. The Bedroom Philosophers are amazing.

FSTL Team Rider Nick Worthington repping hard!

Nick Worthington, all round top kid and fucking ripper just sent me this, it's sick.

A Few Bits...Homefield Skatepark, Worthing from Sam Bailey on Vimeo.

Carnage At The castle 2.

Last years Carnage at the Castle in Swansea was alot of fun, we saw the smack heads from the VBS show "Swansea Love Story". They did not seem as nice in the flesh.

Anyway, Rick Exist is putting on his second final of his version of Game Of Skate, I will not be doing the scoring this year as I found it hard last year haha! Anyways, details on the poster below.