Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

Had a nice surprise visit from Richard Sayer (French)

So rad to see French again, I never get to hang with this dude enough.

Photo 28

I hope that Michel doesnt mind me robbing this.

But I just think it's the radest thing on the inter telly. No trick tips BOOOO!

I was at this gig many years ago.

Featuring F.S.T.L member Lt Meat.

Gymnastic Decomposition Live @ OTT Newport 11 June 2003 from Tim Drage on Vimeo.

Michael Sieben's Internet Shack Episode 1

Thought I would put the first internet shack up, this shit is so funny to me.

Saw Kutosis and Circa Regna Tonat last night.

Went to our countries capital Cardiff last night to watch good friends Kutosis and Circa play in the Buffalo, there is something about Buffalo that doesn't sit right with me, no one seems to be having fun, it's a scene place to be seen. The staff seem to think they are doing you a favor pouring over priced booze that aint all that, I guess we have just been spoiled by great venues like Le Pub and TJ's in Newport where you can rely let lose with no repucutions and have a good buzz on £20 or less.

The bands how ever were awesome, a rely enjoyable night, and I was des driver so sober as a judge. Check out this song and video, very impressive.

KUTOSIS - small cities from crazysmiles on Vimeo.


Palace Skateboards in store now.

Palace stuff

Because my boy's haven't done nafin this past couple of weeks.


This was on the Roger Skate boards site, when you have looked at my site you should totally check it out, and then come support a totally awesome brand from a totally awesome skater owned skate shop. Roger Skateboards.

This brought a tear to my eye, thanks for the represent Arbel!

Photo 26

Fingers crossed Arbel is going to be helping me out from time to time, that would be nice.

Been flat out putting stuff on the website last couple of days.

Photo 25

It has cemented my hatred for computers, you should check out The Hundreds stuff & the Rebel 8 stuff, I am about to do the LRG stuff. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end, a bitch a bitch my kingdom for a little bitch.
Since Grim has inadvertantly allowed me the ability to post on his blog I thought I'd chuck this up. Proof that you're fearless leader was in fact a DRAMA STUDENT.

I also like these vids!


This is so sick.

I like this alot!


Watch this space for me and Lt Meat's attempt at this.

This is Hereford skatepark, we like very much.


Sick little edit F.S.T.L team rider Kyle did of the Cwmbran boyo's back last summer, he is on it with the filming, and not to shabby in front of the camera too. Wouldn't mind seeing more of that.

Just have to say, see you later John, sort heaven out I will be there in a bit.

Some rely sad news last week, one of Newport's biggest personalities John Sicolo passed away. This dude let us be our real selves in a club that rely was a tribute to punk rock. See you soon John, you will always be missed and never forgotten.




I have been very excited bout this company for a long time, when I saw the opportunity to get it in I jumped at it, if you don't know how cool this company is please check THEHUNDREDS.COM

I had to get this jacket, it's rad!

Photo 15

Come and get some before it all runs out.

Testing broadcast!!


Wow!!!! I'm just testing this to see if it works. Grim may never let me do this again.

Lt Meat here, known associate of Successful Local Businessman Darran Ward AKA GRIM. I've been making videos of some Newport skateboarders for a while now. Check some out at if you don't like them you can bite me. I'm making more anyway so sue me!

Buster is a saint.

Over and out.

Lt Meat

Be afraid, be very afraid.

My old mate Pirate Chris was in today and he took a bunch of F.S.T.L team riders and locals to get a few tricks for his up and coming video (yet to be named). His last two vids were awse and I am looking forward to this next one.

We also filmed a short advert for the shop to be the start of the F.S.T.L section.

The pic is us both showing off our awesome Toy Machine Tat's ha ha!

Photo 11

Jesus, parks are on, 3 things to get excited about.

After the sad demise of Skate Extreme, Chris Richards is looking to fill some boots with a new Indoor park planned for Treforest, this is not 100% what it will look like but I know that Chris is the right guy for the job, and the layout already looks hot.

Treforest park

Secondly after tearing down the old wooden park in Caerphilly, a phoenix will hopefully rise from the ashes, funding hopefully going through. Looks good, maybe a little simple but there is something for everyone.

Caerphilly park!

And last but not least Cardiff will finally be able to boast the plaza they have always wanted, I know there are alot of people excited about this one, that is rad I hope it is all you can imagine. Not my cup of tea but I think that is more sour grapes that I am shit at street skating. I am stoked for you Cardiff.

Cardiff park

Another great offer from team rider Nicki Chappel &Tim Fokk.


One day in Bristol with Nick Chappell from Tim on Vimeo.

All filmed in a day, good shit Sir's

Sam Cochrane showing us what an "Murder Flip" is.


Sam insists this is called a forward flip, when he told me that was what he was going to do, I thought he meant a forward sumersault on his board, no shit.

Props to Gonzo's phone filming skills.

R.I.P Skate Extreme! Skate Extreme Burns Down.

Or as it was briefely re named C.J's Skatepark, Newport's only indoor skate facility burnt down at about 4am this morning (Sat 6th March) This sucks, we may have had a moan about the state of it every now and then but they did a great job of keeping going even through the tough times, there looked to be a brighter future for Skate Extreme as Christian had become sole owner and rely seemed to be into doing it up, it is a shame he didn't have a chance to get his teeth into it and prove to the sceptics that SE was going to be returned to it's former glory.

We wish Chris all the best and hope him all the best in any future ventures, and fuck off to anyone talking shit about insurance jobs, the dude lost his lively hood so shut the fuck up.

All though be quick Chris if you are going to get another park going because that shit neeeds to be done asap.

check this link for more details.

skate extreme

Freestyle Team Rider Pully Killing the Independent Ramp.


Props to Jono for filming this for me, I was being a good boyfriend, it was the wifes birthday. Next time ey?

New in today a few choice little beauties.

DGK Decks

DGK blue

Silver Trucks

silver rob

We have also got new, Plan B and Karma Decks in all available from You know the score, plus alot more, get your copy and past on. PEEZ out of here.

Todays special guest was our very own Mr T

Photo 181

This was both disturbing and amazing.

This beast is located somewhere in Wales, I am sworn to secrecy, sorry.


This was sent to me by a good friend, I hope it is still there, it looks tiiiiiiight!