Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

The Sunday Stooges Go Skateboarding Day.

Finally I got a trick in this Sunday Stooges, it;s shit and I was drunk, but I will take it anyway, anyways I love how this Sunday Stooges realy showcases how different yet the same the two scenes Cardiff and Newport have. It was fathers day so I only attended half of this Sunday Stooges. Rad stuff from FSTL team riders and Editor and chief Lee Dainton.

No fool like an old school fool!

I was pissing last night, how funny a session went down, I was having so much fun I gave up on the guest list for Hot Water Music, fuck it. Heard it was good though. I totally don't regret it though, had so much sweaty fun with the most OG crowd for a while.


This was my fave trick I nearly landed, well I landed it one footed, which is pretty good for my fat ass.

But Phil was going off, this jump on 50/50 pull in, is redic'.


So anyways, I think this is going to be a regular thing, once every decade at least.

Witchcraft Skateboards still available at FREESTYLESKATESTORE.COM

Just got off the phone with French (Richard Sayer) Artist and owner of Witchcraft Hardware and I guess clothing. I am so stoked that my backyard ramp is on the agenda for the Witchcraft Skateboards/Lovenskate Good and Evil Tour in August, I mean I am a bit worried about my dog getting sacrificed because there aren't many virgins in Newport (look out Beanhead haha!). I am fortunate enough to be good friends with all the dudes at Witchcraft Hardware and Lovenskate so I know that it will be a good old time, and plenty of good footage will be available to enjoy afterwards, we will also be hitting up Caldicot Skatepark, Chepstow Skatepark and Newport Hellpark, stay tuned I would love for there to be a good crowd to support two excellent companies.

We still have plenty of Lovenskate and Witchcraft T shirts and the 8.5 and the 8.25 Witchcraft Skateboards in store and on sight FREESTYLESKATESTORE.COM I am sure this wont be the case for long.


Classic Cardiff Skate Park Footage.

Some real loses to skate boarding in this one.

Billy Marks/Tommy Sandoval LRG Introduction, check it out.


This shit means so much to me.

It's tough in the shop, I hope all my customers know how much I appreciate them, supporting your underground scenes and businesses has never been more important, in a time when the big corporates are telling you what's cool and forcing your hand, you don't want that. Be the underground, support it, we don't want to be rich, we want to carry on doing what we love and working hand in hand with you guys.


Nobody supports me harder than my team, and my locals who are probably more important than my team, it's easy when you get given all your shit for free, without my locals, I am homeless.

Check this for repping hard.




Cardiff Skate Club Video, show your support!


Freestyle Skatestore at Ghost Fest 2010

I am truly stoked to be part of this, me and Mike Walton will be off to Leeds to Ghost Fest to bring a little bit of Freestyle to Ghost Fest.

We will be bringing a selection of T Shirts, Boards, Headware, and hardware. We sponsor Nick Worthinngton from the Dead Swans, Brutality Will Prevail and More Than Life, so our affiliation with this festival is massive and a big thank you to Mike Plainsight for hooking this up.

See you in the pit (from my stand which sucks haha!)

g fest

This weeks Sunday Stooges.

I am missing out alot at the moment, fuck my life, curb skating as well, I might have actually got a trick on this one, haha!

Check out what the F.S.T.L locals did, I couldn't b more proud.

Ha ha! This is the bes idea the boys ever had, I love it. We all know that the bowl is ruffer than it should be, well it has been taken into our own hands now, if a bit of paint can sort it, you might as well make it pretty too, nice work boyo's and I thank you on behalf of Satan.

Zoo pride

The Hundreds Footwear coming to Freestyle!



Just trying a few styles in a small size break at the moment but these are looking good to me, I hope yawl agree. let me know what you think about the stuff I am getting in, if I am getting it wrong what would you rather be seeing?




What you saying, I think these are on!

The Hundreds is HUGE!

Lovenskate Malmo trip, you need to watch this.

Featuring Pontus Alv, crazy dude, crazy good.

FSTL export Lee Jenkins in doing cool shit no shocker there.

Lee Bubs band The Travellys are awse, this is them playing a croosh little show in a record store in Perth.

New Witchcraft Hardware Edit, oh shit, they are pulling no punches.

Do not watch this if you are a kid.

Witchcraft Promo 2010 from El Glasso on Vimeo.

DUN DUN DUN!!!!! Witchcraft is here, Lock up your virgins!


Pete Fowler Crayon Boards in store tomorrow.

Definitely worth the money, have your very own Pete Fowler print,remember most of these boards will be skated out of existence, hello collectables.


Not only is this a Pete Fowler X Crayon collaboration but it is also a Welsh speaking legends Super Fury Animals Colab. HOT!!!!



Fuck you, this is the best skate vid this year and it is free, so much better than the Blueprint video.

Matt Nordness and Max Murphy - Rogers of the Month - June 2010 from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Hands up who thinks that we need an indoor park.


Independent team at Ally's........


The skating was off the scale at Ally's last Friday.

I totally forgot I sponsored Ben Devine

Check this out.

Kyle pulls out the goods a again.

The Cwmbran skate scene is ace, there is some pretty embarrasing party footage from me in here. Once again no skating though. Ha ha! I suck!

Slender tone test week 3

Wow this shit is realy working.

Photo 11

Haha! only joking this is skinny racing snake Freestyle Team rider Craig Scrivens

Photo 12

It has been a shit week, my diet went to shit and I have been super drunk all bank holiday so I am afraid that there is not alot of change on the guts department, maybe a little.

Photo 13

I promise I am back on it.
Habitat launch footwear line to February 2010:

“Dayton, OH (November 19, 2009) – Marking its 10-year anniversary in the
skateboard industry, Habitat Skateboards is pleased to announce the
initial launch of their skateboard footwear line, Habitat Footwear. Since
its inception, Habitat has been committed to pure skateboarding, timeless
design and inspiration from the natural world.

The Footwear
Designed by skateboarders for skateboarding, Habitat Footwear boasts the
core components of comfort, weight and durability to optimize skate
performance. Consisting of six models, the line also infuses Habitat’s
signature design principles --branded colorways, visual balance, and
attention to detail. “After 10 years of building a solid presence in the
hardgoods market, developing a footwear line was a new creative outlet for
Habitat and a natural next step in the progression of the brand,” stated
Joe Castrucci. “Footwear is a great platform for the evolution of
Habitat. Pre-season sales have exceeded our goals and we are excited for
the full product launch early next year,” added Chris Carter.

The Team
Representing the next generation in the ever-evolving Habitat brand,
amateur skateboarders, Guru Khalsa, Marius Syvanen, Austyn Gillette, and
Alex Davis have teamed up to be the faces behind the footwear line.

The Collaboration
Habitat is proud to celebrate and honor acclaimed mid-century wildlife
artist Charley Harper in its footwear launch. Three Charley Harper Artist
Series decks and shoes will be available in the first season which include
classic Harper artwork printed insoles and corresponding exterior fabric

These are my personal faves and I am rocking them as we speak, in store now.


Sunday Stooges Mid Week Micro Edit.

Pritch, Dykey and Leo running for a good cause, if you have any money to give, this is where you should give it.

Doing my bit for BMX relations.

Hey now the new menace is scooters, it kind of makes you realise that BMXers aint that bad, to show solidarity I sponsored this BMX Jam that Miles did, Miles is hardcore and rides pretty much every day, cudos dude and thanks for the props.

Chepstow BMX Jam 2010 from miles wood on Vimeo.

New Sunday Stooges, too much wierdness


I really have to step up my skating to make it onto these edits haha!

Call Me Party Harty Marty!!!

This weekend was crazy, I partyed so hard this weekend, I need to wind it in, firstly I went to Ryans, we had the most fun, we all had no hawks,
I am balled so I had to improvise

Dainton couldn't believe the size of the pizza I ate.

Then the weekend went tits up and my leg fell off on my back yard ramp, oh well, I am sure it will be fine.


I hope that all of the footage that wastaken at that party never sees the light of day. I am such a dick.

I hate American Apparel,

It's just Primark for Hardcore kids who think they are better than that, but I totaly think you should all buy stuff from there so they can keep up their adverts,

Photo 8

Matt D is back.....

So stoked on a surprise visit from Matt Davis, I can't wait to get some footage from this guy, he ripps so hard.

Photo 7