Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

OK! So this Sunday is Hereford faze 2 opening.

So if it rains, um! Well al I can say is check this blogg Sunday morning.

To enter try and get there for 12 to warm up and get your names down.

It is going to be, Sponsored, under 15's then 16 and above. I believe that it is going to work around a couple of BMX comps , but I have no info on that.

There will be on the spot prizes, and over all 1, 2 and 3rd prizes in each catagory.

So anyways any questions hit me up on facebook

or hit me up on here.

HEREFORDposter 2

Loads of new wayfarers in store.

We have Bones, Creature, Chocolate, Independent, Krooked. All in either Black, Tortoise Shell, Red or White.

Photo 32

Eggsy from the GLC popped a copy of his new CD in.

That was a nice surprise looking forward to using it over some footage, if anyone should do well it's these guys, they 100% deserve it. Check out listening to it as we speak and it's back to the classics. First song is classic already and is rely funny because me and my girlfriend always talk about who is gonna die this year.

Photo 20

Photo 22

One day we went skateboarding.

I hate this video, mainly because I am not in it because I was working, not that I would be in it because I am shite at skateboarding, all I can do is skate transition, I can't wait to sort out my ramp so I can get footage and people think I am better than I am.

Meanwhile here are FSTL locals and teamriders having fun and laughing at me because I am sad and old and have to work. 'm Bailey, Little Jake, Pulley, Simon & Phil Hacket, Chav Dan, Lt Meat, all to the music by Lt Meat himself, this blogg might as well be his because I rob his work so often.

Hereford Skate Jam.

Freestyle is joining forces with Wheelscape to celebrate the opening of the second faze of the Hereford based park, I actually thin this might be one of the best parks in the country.

It is on the 2nd May, all though it is home to all wheel sports I hope to dedicate this day to skating, it will be a fun day with BBQ's, icecream, prizes, chuck outs and some of the best skating from local and far affield.

Starts about 1 and if you want to compete you will have the first hour to put your names down and enter, sponsored ranges from shop sponsor and up, unsponsored will be split into under 15's and 16 plus. On the spot prizes will also be up for grabs.

HEREFORDposter 2

This T shirt is being printed for the day, these will be limited so get there early for product toss and trick talent fun, photo by our very own LT Meat.

Hereford Print Ref 2

New edit in progress, sick skating and funny shit.

So we decided enough was enough and that we needed to get our ramp redone for the summer. loads of people said they would turn up, 5 people did. Lt Meat formulated the plan and designated jobs.


Is this the man you would put in charge, the answer is no as he designated my dog Buster as project manager.


With this in mind and alot of beer and alot of sun work went fairly well.


So this is the plan, more boozy weekend sesions, wait for how good the edit of this Sundays, Hungover Stooges is going to be.


As soon as I saw these plans I new it was on. Ha ha!

Deckades Skateboard Exhibition.

So I went to see the exhibition of skate art in the Howies shop in Bristol, it was rad,, loads of rad boards, a real nostalgia trip for the older skaters and a real education for the new bloods. Even if you just like pretty pictures it is worth a look.

As always I lowered the tone doing impressions of two of my favorite graphics,
g scream

and unfortunately when a little drunker.

g baby

Man I need to work out! I actually woke up this morning for the first time in years feeling thoroughly ashamed of myself. Ah well! not the first, won't be the last. Met a lovely girl and her boyfriend, I had no idea she was in Eastenders, and she didn't even hint at it ha ha!

Me and Stu from Lovenskate were a mess.

me stu
Anyways, you should check it out, it's rad!!

All Hail Cardiel

I love that John Cardiel is into fixed wheel bikes, he is such a hero it makes people feel bad about bitching about fixed wheel bikes, come on it's not like they are blades.

LRG Stuff in store and more on the way.


Visually Heard / Introduction to Summer 2010 from LRG on Vimeo.

I am super stoked on this brand, this vid is to advertise their new summer 2010 range, I atched it all the way through and was disappointed that their was no skating, I guess we will have to wait for the upcoming video from LRG, "Where's my money Chico?"

Doesn't Adelmo Jr look like returning Zooport son Lee "Beefcore" Bennet?


Beefy is the one on the left, Ed Templeton is the one on the right, SCHMOOOOOOZING!!!! Adelmo Jr is the one below.


Proud to stock Bacon Skateboards.


I have been a fan of Bacon Skateboards for a long time, always looking through the Portland based mag, Low Card and wishing that I could stock this hesh shit, well thanks to a guy from Safron called Tom I now can. Good stuff. Only one board under 8", this company has Newport written all over it.

A nice little edit from Joe, all fun skateboarding.


Nice to see Phill back.

I have a sweet new ride.

Check my new bike its a PK Ripper Fixed DC Shoes Collaboration, um! I don't know what else to say about but, fuck is it weird the first time you get on a fixed wheel bike, but after a 5 min practice in my street last night I thought, I am not gonna be afraid of it, I am going to ride it to work tomorrow, I think my mates were more worried about me than I was.

Photo 1

Todays interesting Newport fact........

Did you know that Aro from the film Twighlight was born in our fair city.


I found out when this nice young girl told me she had her Kill City Deck signed.

Photo 3

If anyone knows what this is about I would be stoked to find out.

So I guess Geoff Rowley decided that fronting up to Thrasher Editor Jake Phelps at the Skater of the year awards was a good career move, well due to the response this video has had I think it might be. Who would have thought that Jake phelps was so unliked. I mean he seems pretty opinionated but I think that is what makes him good at his job. I thought after watching this, yeah fuck you Jake Phelps, but I don't know that guy, maybe he plays a character so that he stands out from the crowd. Anyway the important thing to remember is that this video is FUNNY AS FUCK!!!

You can't front on this.

Just when I thought Lt Meat couldn't get any better, check this 50/50, it's over curb height.

Lt Meat in 720 Mc twist shocker!!!

Man I have never been prouder of Freestyle Skatestore team rider Lt Meat, lately I have been wondering why the hell I sponsor Lt Meat, I mean sure he is a nice guy and yeah he busts the occasional sweet frontside flip but he doesn't ever make music anymore an he never enters comps. However when I mentioned this to him he rely looked like he was going to cry (mainly at the thought of paying full price for shit). So within the next 2 hrs I got emailed this pic, he assures me it is the real deal and who am I to second guess Lt Meat, good job soldier and your place on the team is safe........for now!!!!


Ok So I have a favoure to ask.


Please could you add the upper facebook as it is to benefit us all, Wales is seriousely missing a decent indoor park, cue Carl and Chris Richards. They are on it and so close to getting funding for it. It looks good to, I have already put up pics, so what you waiting for, copy, paste and all you need to know is on this page. What do you mean you don't have facebook?

Just to clear up this is now being built in Bridgend.

Treforest park

This is what I am doing on the 17th April.

Deckades_A5 flyer

Not only is it a good cause (UNICEF) but some of my favorite artists are going to be exhibiting there, Pete Fowler, French, Jim Phillips, Geoff McFetridge etc with some older graphics to drool over and wish you still had but remember shredding the shit out of. Come and get educated or come and get nostalgic, I will be the bald guy with the boner in the corner weeping.

Wow! The shit we used to get up to!

This is a pic of me and Dave Beer, Dave doesn't drink anymore, I have to, to try to forget this night ha ha! It was a gig me and Lt Meat played as Punk Action Shotgun, with two other bands, The Dangerfields and The Nerds, I wish I kept in touch with those dudes.

me dave

Zombie film review.

Survival of the Dead, is George A Romero's new offering, I wasn't a huge fan of his last one but I think I was over hyping it in my own head. SOTD was a little bit of a swing backwards as we have been swamped with zombie films where the zombies peg it around everywhere at athletic break neck speed. Now once again the zombies are wandering around like drunk mongs, which I kind of liked, it was almost like watching theatre.

The plot wasn't bad as there is only so many things you can do with the same plot. I will go as far as to say I quite like it but my viewing colleague Lt Meat was not a fan. check out STEAKRECORDS.COM for his review.

Watch it but don't think you are going to think it is the best film you have ever seen, not Gorges finest work but I would say it was nice he steped away from hollywood budgets and I bet he and the cast had a blast making it.


Re Cycle, Newport.


So stoked on these guys, if like me you are looking for some more fun ways to hurt yourself, I am realy fancying having a go at riding fixed wheel bikes. I am not going to pretend that I didn't used to laugh at fixy kids, and I am also not going to pretend it's not because I think John Cardiel is fucking rad!

Anyhow, if you think like me you might want to get into fixed wheel bikes you should check out Recycle based in Beachwood Park, Newport, the guys there are super rad and super helpful. Go and pick there brains.


Old rare photo's of our very own Lee Dainton, check it out!

Curtsey of Welsh legend Chris Fowler, check out more on his Facebook.



I did this photo bigger so you could see the old Freestyle sticker on Daint's board, check out his blank before he could afford logo decks ha ha! Man we have sponsored this guy forever. And I am so stoked on that.

Check out my sweet cameo!


Leave The House from Tim on Vimeo.

Tim is on it, churning out gems like this. I love his documentary style, it is far more interesting than trick, trick, trick. Keep on sending that shit my way duder.