Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."


Photo 164

I have literally always loved Toymachine, I think Ed Templeton (the owner) is the best, I like the music he likes (Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse etc), I like the fact he is a vegan too, I like how he skates, I like Ed's art, I just like ED, I bum that dude; my first ever tattoo was a Toymachine tattoo, I added to it over the years but never covered that bad boy up.

Photo 169

Anyway I am pleased to say we have Toymachine back in, welcome home. We also have in Element, Foundation & Blueprint. Good stuff!

An awesome photo of Little Jake at WOTR.

Good friend of Freestyle (and my house homy) Jerome Loughran let me have this pic for the site, lok out for more of Jeromes pics in Sidewalk. Jake is sponsored by Bones Wheels, Kill City, Freestyle & Independent.



Beanhead is megga overrated, look at ho shit he realy is, proof that all skating is done by computers ha ha!

Song by Lt Meat!


Last summer Lt Meat did this short edit, he couldn't be bothered to do any actual filming so he claimed we went to a secret spot, worth watching just for the song he wrote at the end. I think I am a little bit in love with LT Meat.





Etnies “War of the Roses” 2010 - Day One: Leeds
Posted on February 22, 2010.

This years Etnies "War Of The Roses" is officially over and done with, so now it's time to check the footage and see for yourself what went on!

Highlights from the first day at The Works, Leeds, are ready to watch below, FREESTYLE RIDERS REPRESENTING IN THIS EDIT ARE SAM PULLEY AND JAKE COLLINS AND BEN DEVINE the other Newport degenerates to perform like monkeys were FREESTYLE TEAM RIDERS, Tom Bailey, John BEANHEAD Coppen, Dan Hill, , Lee Dainton & Porno Paul, plus shop locals Arbel Samsonov, Jo Eianappa, Al Harris.
Blackpool edit from today to follow shortly...


War Of The Roses warm up edit featuring team rider Sam Pulley and Welsh hero Caradog Emanuel!


Pretty sure that there will be more footage from my boyo's.

Went to see team rider Lt Meat last night and it was sick!


Good to see Lt Meat back on form, check his shit on STEAKRECORDS.COM

Todays team rider's fave' item.....

It's Jake Collins aka Little Jake aka Craig Collins aka massive roider. Jake rides for Killcity, Independent and is on flow with Van's what a lucky little jerk off.

Jake chose a Skatemental dicks of the world deck and a Consolidated I am sooo gay deck, I do worry about him sometimes, but hey we would love him just as much if he was an gay. Good on you son. The team are not allowed to chose any item they are linked with.

Photo 160
Proud to sponsor Dan Hill, all though this is the path he would have gone down if skateboarding hadn't rescued him.

All though this street photo is prety funny too, GO DAN!

Dan street dog!

New in today Diamond Supply Co headwear and Hardwear.

Di Red

Di Fit

Beautifully modeled by Grim & Nick.


New in today Crayon Skateboards Wilderness Series.



As drawn by City Surf Phil, hands up who thinks this should be a T shirt, I am super excited at the News that Welsh artist Pete Fowler will be doing a design, I think Pete owns Mosterism, support your Welsh brands.

Welsh people can do rails to!

Nick Chappel is one of FREESTYLE'S streetyest team riders, he sent me a couple of pics to check out, both pics by Ed Taylor.



Nick is on a flow deal through the shop with Fallen Skate Shoes.

Globe & G-Shock Colaboration, very exclusive.

Globe has joined forces with the tough, tech & trendsetting company, G-Shock. G-Shock like Globe is a cutting edge & long standing brand, & together they have created a new limited edition collection, which features the DW5600GLB-7 watch in a classic white body with a white face with a contrasting black screen and gold detail, complemented by a high top shoe (G-Shock Destroyer) and fitted black cap. I am pleased to say that FREESTYLE and FREESTYLESKATESTORE.COM are
to be included in the spring 2010 Casio and Globe collaboration release which is exclusive to a limited cross section of elite specialists across the planet.
The hard facts are that if you feel you need these products in your life you need to keep posted because I will have 1 of each size G-Shock Destroyer UK6 to 13, and only 1 watch which I understand makes it a very collectable piece in deed. Stay posted fashionistas!

g shock


Beautifully modeled by myself and ex Globe, Killcity, Mada and F.S.T.L team rider Daryl Cashman.

Photo 154

Photo 153

Cashman assures me he will be back on board this summer, I am sure he said the same last summer ha ha! There is always a place for him in the F.S.T.L family.

To check out more from artist French check his blog, and his new revamped Funeral Fog site

Freestyle team rider Lt Meat Playing on 18/02/10

This is the first gig Lt Meat has done since the Freestyle party, I am really looking forward to this, now Lt Meat has finally finished his course work I am sure that we will be seeing a lot more from him.

lt meat

Welsh invasion of Hereford Skatepark.

Hereford is only 45 mins away from Newport, you wouldn't want to walk it but even if you did you wouldn't be disappointed, Hereford skatepark is amazing, when it was just faze 1 I couldn't believe how good it was and now faze 2 is completed and the dust has settled it is amazing, the bowl as pictured below did claim Freestyle team rider Lee Dainton's arm but he still comes back for more, (picture below). There were more skaters from South wales than locals and we were all vibing well, after a fairly negative week, it was good to be surrounded by friends. Thanks everyone.


Cwmbran Skate Comp' from 1999!

Those were simpler times, I was so amped when Lt Meat sent me this video, look at the talent and look at how happy we all are, Lee Dainton, Gabby, Phil Hacket, Bob, Maggots, North, Matt Davis. All filmed by Lt Meat. Up until ten years ago a hand full of local skateboarders used to meet up in Cwmbran town centre once a year for a traditional street skateboarding competition. The only prize up for grabs was respect from your peers and pride at being the best for a day (and probably a six pack of beer or two). I think this is footage was from the last proper Cwmbran comp we had. The Council then helpfully covered the place with blind bumps and concreted benches in front of the hip and the steps. Thanks Council, Thouncil.

Lt Meat Documents his trip to London where he tries to rescue some Newport imegrants.


10 Tricks with FREESTYLE SKATESTORE'S Sam Pulley.

I can't believe the talent of this douche bag, he also edited it. Sam has also recently been hooked up on DC Shoes and Kill City.

Had a nice visit from all round good guy Ally Bar yesterday.

We did lunch. Ally is a big noise in Independent Clothing & Santa Cruz plus I thinhk some other stuff. This guy shreds, check out the ramp footage on SHREDWALES.COM

Photo 148

The shop will be dealing heavily in Independent Clothing and I will be addressing the lack of youth sizes.

Worth mentioning we have a SALE on!

Photo 140

We have sale priced many DC, Etnies, Fallen, Nike SB, Lakai, Womens Etnies, Emerica, Es, Converse Skate, Supra & Globe. Most of them are sale priced from £30. I am also dropping the price of many T shirts for the month of Feb only.

Photo 147

While stocks last!

The lovely people at Nike SB have sent the new Nike SB photo book from photographer Fluff

Photo 146

The book takes a look at the European team and is weighty to say the least, so make sure those book shelves are put up well enough to take the weight of this bad boy.

I am not sure how to distrebute this damn fine publication as I believe only the deserved should own this very limited book.

Thanks to Nike SB, and it is worth mentioning that I went to the launch party of the book and met Fluff, he was super nice and super modest. I got to hang out with my good friend Sam Bruce who I think I asked her to ride for the shop, probably I think she is the last person I know who doesn't ha ha! We took over Mackys bit of the exhibition because we felt at home there.

sam and me

A very pleasant surprise, a visit from Rick & Evans to Freestyle

Ric owns Exist Skate Shop in Swansea, it is by far the best skate shop in Swansea, and he isby far the best person in Swansea. We did a shoe swap to keep the shoe wall looking fresh, so I got some Supra skate shoes in store now.

Photo 145

You want high top, you got high tops




Photo 141

We all know that Dainton is involved heavily in the shop, well every time he has a clear out we are fortunate enough to sell it, pop in and have a look, yes it has been washed. All items £5 Yes it has been washed.

I am going to start asking my team riders what their favorite thing in the shop is at moment!

Today is FREESTYLESKATESTORE.COM team rider Tom Bailey's choice.
He chose this SKATEMENTAL T SHIRT, with the slogan "Ouzi doese it" on.

Photo 139

Keep an eye out for Baileys new clothing company "Am Bailey!"

Things to do when it's raining.

So it was Lt Meat (Freestyle team rider), Beefy (Zooport lifer) & Annika's (F.S.T.L HQ's only female occupant) birthdays, it was a messy affair as we stole the Anti Hero tradition of trying to drink our own hight in beer, this is called "The wizard staff game", once you have reached your height, you are an honorary wizard, um and thats it ha ha!


It was Lt Meats Birthday but he did not do well, this is me questioning his man hood!