Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

Results from the Leicester comp, Wales! Wales! Wales!

Check out how many FSTL/Freestyle boys placed

U11 spine/Mini ramp;
1st Charlie Birch
2nd Jamie Richards (Black Market, Aberdare)
3rd James Pinnock

U16 Bowl;
1st Arbel Samsonov
2nd Josh Lowe
3rd Brogan Dooley

16+ Bowl;
1st Daniel Hill
2nd Ryan Price
3rd Tom Bailey

NON Sponsored Street;
1st Clark Diamond
2nd Luke McManus
3rd Luke Jarvis

Sponsored/Pro Street;
1st Craig Smedley
2nd Will Golding
3rd Josh Walters and Sam Pulley


Anonymous said...

Don't MEDDLE with the SMEDDLE!!!!!!

Grim said...

ha ha! i totally like know that guy. i wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

BTW Jamie Richards is from Cardiff!

Hagwag said...

/\ /\ yeah but he skate for Black Market in 'Dare

Grim said...

Ha ha! Hey Anonymouse, Yeah! if you want to be picky, Pulley & Bailey are from Risca but they are repping our scene hard, because little Jamie is Welsh and rides for my friends shop in Aberdare I was giving him props, Cardiff has some outstanding skateboarders, would be rad to see you guys at comps, the more Welsh the better, we bring the fun. Peez!

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