Freestyle Skatestore Official Blog! So I was posting on SHREDWALES.COM alot but I felt I was missing out doing my own thing, I hope to post as regularly as possible as the FREESTYLEKATESTORE.COM team riders are vast and incredibly active in the skateboarding calender, but I will also be posting up all the stoopid things that go along with skateboarding, as I once read on a beer coozie, "Sometimes skateboarding means not skateboarding."

Speaking of the best email I have ever received haha!

So I received this email to my website today, how amazing is this, just for reference, I am not a pedo and yes the shop is open Sundays until xmas pps hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! FUCKING GENIOUSE!

is freestyle still open on sunday if not I hope your not a pedofile but if
not I go to newport skatepark every sunday morning at about 9:30 do you wana
come because know ones there so do you wana come. its ben bybybybybybybyb


Anonymous said...

hahaahh Grim bum him

Anonymous said...

^^ Hahaha, That anonymous post has gotta be Cashman.

Grim said...

You can't buy this shit, haha!

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